Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recycled Pizza

While I was making a gourmet dinner of frozen pizza and water I decided we could do a fast craft of pretend pizza. Chiquita gets impatient so it was a great way to pass the time.

  • Cardboard round from frozen pizza for crust.
  • Shredded paper for cheese (a little goes a long way).
  • Green strips of paper for peppers.
  • Circles of red paper (we used a paper plate she'd painted last week) for pepperoni.
  • Glue.
Step 1:  Get lots of glue on her crust, make sure you spread it around before dumping on the "shredded cheese"

Step 2: More glue!  Glue toppings in place with lots of glue and a little pressing to help them stick.

Step 3: Stick her pizza in oven to cook (dry).



  1. Too cute! I had a play kitchen when I was young and loved it. Hopefully my daughter will too!

  2. How fun!! What a great idea for kids to play in the "kitchen". :-) We'd love for you to link this up at our party! http://housewivesofriverton.blogspot.com/2013/02/riverton-housewives-round-up-54.html

  3. What a cute idea! Thanks for joining in on my link up! Hope you come back next week :-)

  4. so cute, pretend play food is still a favorite activity for our family! this would be a fun addition to our #kidsinthekitchen series on Fridays. would love if you linked up :)

  5. Brilliant. Simple enough for my little boy and recycling too. He loves pizza! Shall also pin.

  6. Thank you so much for linking up at Monday Kid Corner.
    Have a terrific week!

  7. This is such a fun idea! And it was the most clicked at my link party! I'm featuring this tonight!

  8. we did this the other day using craft foam - ours had ham instead of green pepper because Goblin doesn't like peppers. Ours also had an orange segment!!! No accounting for taste right.
    I love your shredded paper for cheese, thats a fab idea

  9. What a wonderful craft!! I love it! Thank you for sharing on Sharing Saturday!

  10. Great idea, my boys love pizza, have pinned for when we get to P with our letter of the week.

  11. This is a great recreational activity for kids. I'm sure those who wants to be a chef someday can practice their baking skills with this activity. Hehe! Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure these shredded papers will be very useful when my kids start making a recycled pizza. :)

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

    1. Thanks! I'm always looking for ways to use what we have :)