Tuesday, February 26, 2013

E es de Elefante follow-up

I was trying to do books with our different alphabet crafts, but I have been slacking.  

I tried to retroactively make it up a little today by reading "Elefante" with Chiquita to go with our recent "E es de Elefante" craft.  It's a story about an elephant forgetting and the good and bad that follows.  I love the illustrations and the idea of balance that it gives. Everything we do has good and bad consequences.  The same act, in this case forgetting, can bring both, so we have to try to remember what we need to remember AND forget what keeps us back.  Chiquita liked the elephants.  

Maybe this is above Chiquita's head, but this kind of balance is something I've been thinking about for the past few years and I like the idea of introducing it even at this age.  For Chiquita the same idea could be applied to lots of other ideas, like being careful.  It's good to be careful so we don't get hurt, but it's good to not be too careful so we try new or difficult things.  I like it when simple books can be part of deeper learning.  

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