Tuesday, February 19, 2013

D es de Dinosaurio

We're finally back on our alphabet adventure! We started letter D with dinosaurs (dinosaurios).

Chiquita wanted a green dinosaur so I drew a big D and a little d on a piece of green construction paper.  I gave her a piece of scrap paper to cut while I cut out the letters.  I placed the letters and some scraps to form a dinosaur. Then Chiquita and I glued them down. After the first was finished we of course had to make family members.  Everyone got googly eyes except the baby who was too small.

We finished off D es de Dinosario with a trip to the Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life. We've been lots before and Chiquita always loves it.  I have never been to another natural history museum that was just so designed for children, and fun for adults.  Every room has displays that children can touch and interact with.  You can watch paleontologists at work.  You can "constuct" a plush dinosaur or dig up giant magnetic fossils.  Kids can play in a giant water table with sand and plastic dinos.  There are computers with fun games and lots of lift-n-look games.  At the end of the museum there's a quarry where kids can unearth "fossils" in the sand.

Today they were having a special scavenger hunt for Museum Mondays and we got to color a puzzle to take home.  Perfect end for a dinosaur day.

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  1. I love good children's museums! Our museum will be getting a dinosaur display in the next few months, just in time for us to study dinosaurs! Can't wait!! Thanks for sharing at FTF!