Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Link Up!! Say it Two Ways Thursdays

Ok, I'm going to try and start a weekly link-up!  If you read my blog you know a big part of the activities Chiquita and I do are around learning Spanish.  I'd like to see the activities you do with your kids to teach them about other languages and cultures.

This past week we have:

Introduced the letter A in Spanish with a fun letter A abeja (bee) craft.

Practiced color names in Spanish and English with lots of different activities

What activities have you done to help your little one learn about other cultures or languages?

**Next week look for our featured button!


  1. Thanks for hosting this link up!

  2. Hi Kristen, Varya @ LittleArtists! Sorry, your comment with invitation for this link up ended up in my spam folder and I only now discovered it! I am looking forward to your other Thursday link ups!