Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Link Up Say It Two Ways Thursdays - Books

Check out our favorite posts from last week were about books used to teach languages and about other cultures.

We loved the post from Kid World Citizen about using bilingual stories to teach another language.  I personally LOVED having the recommendations for book.  I'm fluent in Spanish, but I'm not a native speaker so while I pick up on the books with really horrible grammar (like Azul el sombrero, verde el sombrero that Kid World Citizen mentions) I never know for sure if it's a really good translation.  They focused on Spanish but I know there are bilingual books in other languages.

I really enjoyed the post about the Vietnamese Cinderella by Crafty Moms Share.  
She has such a complete activity that could be adapted to work for any age.  I love that the same story concepts come through in so many different cultures, just another example of how small our world really is.

Piwi's Father's Day Luau wasn't really a book, but I loved that she made a book for her dad about him and his heritage.

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This week I'm introducing Chiquita to the Letter B.  "Be" sure to check back for more letter B activities.

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