Tuesday, January 22, 2013

B es de Barco (or B is for Boat)

I was glad to find a B word that was B is both languages!!  We found this cute letter B boat craft from No Time for Flashcards.  I did the outlines and cutting, Chiquita colored and pasted.  I wrote "barco" and we talked about how the b of our boat was the same as the b in barco.

One things I really love about "No Time for Flashcards" posts is that she gives you step-by-step directions of what she did to have her child be involved each step of the way, in this case, drawing the b and having them color it while you draw the rest, then switch while you cut out.  I really appreciate it because so many crafts out there take as more adult prep time then kid participation time and it is hard when you have a 2 yr old to have them wait while you put things together.

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