Saturday, January 26, 2013

La Letra B

The letter of the week is B!

We started out with a simple tape-resistant painting project.  I got the idea from hands on: as we grow. 

B is not the easiest letter to write with tape, so it's not perfect.  Chiquita got paint all over and had fun giving her paint brush "baths" in a wet rag in between colors, or more often.  I found that the wet rag approach was much more effective than a cup of water because with the water we ended up soaking the page and having dissolved pictures.

Next we did a boat craft!  I love crafts that use the letter to make the thing that starts with the letter.

In Spanish for preschoolers (just Chiquita and me this week) we had lots of B fun.  We started with a coloring page showing a bombero (firefighter) and we danced (bailabamos) like ballerinas, basketball players, burros, etc.   We ended with a ballena (whale) craft.

I liked this super simple baseball craft we did.  Beisbol in Spanish starts with B just like baseball in English (yeah!).  We started out by watching a clip of a Dora episode where boots plays baseball, since it's not a sport that Chiquita gets a lot of exposure to.  While she was watching that I free handed a ball and bat and cut them out.  Chiquita glued them over the little "b" in beisbol on a baseball field.

We finished our B week with a Peruvian bandera (flag) coloring page.  It was simple since the Peruvian flag just has red and white.

See all the other Spanish/English alphabet crafts we've done!

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