Thursday, November 29, 2012

Muñecos de Nieve (Snowmen) - Giveaway

There's no snow here right now, but I was still in the mood for winter so we celebrated Muñecos de Nieve (Snowmen) this week!

I found a fun video of a story, "El Muñeco de Nieve Está Triste" from youtube.  It was great for the kids to have someone else (with a different accent) reading them a story and whether I like it or not anything on a screen holds their attention better and longer than I do.

We had fun singing the little song from the end of the video a few times:
"Invierno, invierno.
Frio es la nariz.
Lluve los cristales,
bajo un cielo gris."

Then we made little cotton ball snowmen.  Chiquita had lots of fun with the glue and "snap"-ing the pipe cleaners that we used for the nose, arms and rolled up for eyes and buttons.  It wasn't the easiest thing for her to cut but with a little determination and some help from Mom she cut not only hers, but noses and arms for everyone else!

 We ended the lesson with another book about Snowmen, written and illustrated by yours truly!  It teaches opposites and is easy to add in actions to help kids get involved.  If you would like your own copy just leave a comment, be sure to include a valid email address and I'll send you a printable pdf!

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