Friday, September 21, 2012

Upcycled Toy Photo Holder

I got this idea from Stars & Sunshine's post on making a dino photo holder.  I had some cute toys that Chiquita doesn't play with.  They're a little bigger but I thought they would work just fine.

I started with the giraffe.  When I got it open I found out it was hollow!  *Note* Easy to check if a toy is hollow, but you have to think about the possibility first.  I was not deterred!

I mixed up some salt dough and filled the insides pressing magnets into each side so there would be space for them and let it dry overnight.  I thought the dough actually held the magnets in, but found out after a day that was not actually the case, so I glued the magnets in.  It works great for bigger pictures or a new way to display Chiquita's art!

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