Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oatmeal Canister Toddler Game

I saw this post for an Oatmeal container straw game on Merriment Design a while back and knew Chiquita would love it.  We made it with no decoration and she did love it!  Our straws were bendy straws which made for a little challenge getting them through the holes.  I also had a challenge making the holes with a regular hole punch because it wasn't wide enough to go over the lip, so I folded the lid in half and punched holes that way.

Today I pulled it out and decided it was time for a redesign.  We used pipe cleaners instead of straws (actually much easier than the straws, but we had to cut them in half because they were too long for our container) and unsharpened pencils (a little big for our holes, but made for variety).  Then we decided to decorate!

Chiquita helped me rip up tissue paper (one of many talents).  Then we painted on glue and stuck the tissue paper on.  Then Chiquita got bored and Mommy added another layer of glue and tissue paper.  We let it dry and then got back to playing!

Tuesday Tots

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