Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ten Chirpy Chicks reading & craft

One of Chiquita's very favorite books has always been "Ten Chirpy Chicks" by Debbie Tarbett.  We got it at her baby shower almost 2 years ago, so when I say always I'm serious.  This was one of the first books she turned the pages of.  It's got fun 3D chicks that wander off through the story.
Today I thought we'd do a little quick craft to go with her favorite book.  
First Chiquitita helped me rip up some old yellow tissue paper (ironically also saved from her baby shower) into little pieces and put them in a container.
I drew a very rough outline of a baby chick on the back of one of her coloring pages (one of my favorite ways to recycle) and taped it to our activity tray.  Then we smeared glue stick (I like glue sticks better, less mess) all over the picture.  First Chiquitita put one or two pieces of tissue paper on.  Then she just dumped the whole container on.  I had her color one little scrap black and another little scrap orange and cut out an eye and beak and glued them on.
I hung it up on the fridge, we read our story and then revisited the craft so that she could remember that she made a chick and connect it to the story.
This was very easy, just took 5 minutes and was a great way to involve a book she already loved.


  1. Oh this looks like something my son would love.Thanks for linking up to Book Sharing Monday.

  2. Cute project! Thanks for joining WMCIR!