Saturday, June 9, 2012

"New" Alpine Main Street Park

The park is back!  We visited today. I like it better than the old park and better than the 200 S park.  It has: slides, tic-tac-toe, steering wheels, play store area, a 2 person bouncy dinosaur, a 1 person bouncy motorcycle, swings and baby swings.  I like that it has stairs to the big toy as well as ladders so it is more friendly to toddlers than the old one. 
The shade is what really makes it better than the new park though.  And there is lots of seating right by the toys.  The only drawback is that the sprinklers hit the toys and when we were there mid-day the sprinklers were on & it made the toys slippery and I think a little unsafe.
Chiquita had fun.  We love new parks!  What are you child's favorite parks and why?

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  1. From my observations your nieces and nephews really like the Playground of Dreams and the Highlands Grange (HG) park. Both have water play fixtures, although if Princess gets rollerblades anytime soon, she'll probably be hitting the rink at HG. The Atomic City Rollergirls were practicing there once when we had a birthday party for her (and they all called out "happy birthday").