Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hello Bali Review

Chiquita and I love doing yoga together! When Giselle Shardlow was looking for bloggers to review her new book "Hello, Bali" we jumped at the chance!  We received an electronic copy of the Spanish version "Hola, Bali".

First off, this book is ideal for language learners because of the repetition.  Each page introduces a word/pose and then says "Hola, ______".  It was natural to have Chiquita says this phrase along with me as we did each pose.  So apart from the yoga aspect, for language learning it was great to have an action with each word to help her learn the vocabulary. 

At the end they even had a section to learn Indonesian!  It would be a fun extension activity to do the suggested actions with a partner repeating the phrases in both languages!!

The flow of the poses was great.  It was very natural to move from one to the next.  After the story the author has a couple pages reviewing each poses and it makes it very natural to learn the poses with the story and finish by repeating the poses in a flow sequence.
Ironically, the first time I got Chiquita to read this book with me she didn't want to.  She kept asking if we could do "the other yoga book", Giselle Shardlow's "ABCs of Australian Animals".  Ha!  Once we started she was VERY enthusiastic about being the baby monkey for me to groom.

I haven't made a secret of the fact that I'm a big fan of Giselle's yoga books.  I think these would be ideal for any kids yoga class or personal practice.

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  1. These sound a really good idea - and great for children to pick up a new language.
    Thank you for sharing on the Kids Co-op