Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Recycled Flower Crown

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Chiquita loves to have friends over and usually I'm just fine with letting them have relaxed free play.  Sometimes they get restless before going home time though and it's nice to have a simple craft to keep everyone happy.  Sometimes I just break out the crayons or playdough, but this time I decided to help them make flower crowns

I really love my 1 inch hole punch, I didn't expect it, but it has been well worth the investment.  For the flowers I punch some petals from mostly white magazines and used circles I'd cut out previously from construction paper.  I had the girls select a construction paper circle for the center, added some glue for them and had them add at least five petals.  We used this as counting practice - "Do you have five petals yet?  How many petals do you have?  How many more do you need?"

When they got tired of making flowers I grabbed an empty cardboard box (truthfully, I emptied the last of the fruit snacks out of a not-so-empty box because it was the right size) and cut strips for the head bands.  Just a tip - I took the open box and tested putting it on their heads to make sure it was big enough.  Then I adjusted the strip to fit each of them and used some duct tape (very fashionable, I know) to make the circle.

We glued on the flowers and had a photo shoot!  Chiquita is so cute about taking pictures now - she loves to pose!  These crowns were totally recycled but I think they ended up looking really sweet.

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  1. What a fun idea!! I love it. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!