Monday, December 9, 2013

Toddler Tree Trimming Tips

Chiquita has helped me decorate our Christmas tree the last two years.  Sometimes it takes a little longer and is a little more work but here's some tips I've learned:

1.  Garland is a great way for a toddler to help!  She fits behind the tree much easier than I do, so passing the garland around is actually a big help.  This is probably true of strings of light, but I really love our pre-lit fake tree.

2. Pre-sort your ornaments.  I unpack the ornaments and set the Chiquita appropriate ones out of the floor for her to hang, either leaving the breakables off all together or quickly hanging them up top.

3. I say skip the traditional globe ornaments.  They can be pulled off their little wire hangers, and especially when she was 2 and under this was a fun activity for her (and our cats)!  Not so fun for Mommy who was worried about the delicate globes breaking and cutting her.

4. Make it a game: To not put any two similar ornaments next to each other, or to group like ornaments, whatever you like.

5. Take lots of breaks to admire your work.  Count the snowflakes, stars, or whatever ornaments you have a number of.

6. Relax.  I try not to worry if she clumps all the decorations together, I can go back and move them around later.  This year I let her hang a few more breakable ornaments.

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