Friday, December 20, 2013

Bubble Guppy Garland

Aren't you impressed?  She's three.

A winter storm is raging and Mommy is very pregnant.  That meant lots of tv watching today unfortunately.  I found the energy to rally Chiquita for some sort of activity and she requested a Bubble Guppy craft (the last show she watched).

I hopped on and found this holiday garland printable and these Bubble Guppy ornaments and printed them all out.  Chiquita and I cut them all out - and Chiquita really cut quite a few of them out!  I was really proud of her!  I helped her "finish" a few of them, just trimming around them a little closer, but I left several just the way she cut them since I'm so proud of her progressing cutting skills.

I made a few little snowflakes too, just to show Chiquita how they're made, but by that time she was getting tired of cutting.

Then we glued them all to a piece of string - I dropped a bit of glue on the top and Chiquita folded it over the string.  I was pleased that she stayed patient and helped glue on all the pieces!  Deema did have to be upside down of course, but we managed to have them all facing the same way and everything.

After much discussion we hung the garland in Chiquita's room.  Happy Holidays!

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