Friday, July 12, 2013

Top 5 Favorite "Un-toy" Toys!

  1. Her fingers - Chiquita will use her hands and/or fingers to stage little play acts, mostly in the car.  One finger might be a grandma and another the granddaughter or they might be friends arguing over toys.  Whatever it is, it's adorable.
  2. Clothes - I sometimes affectionately call her my little bag lady.  While other mom's have strippers on their hands I have to limit her wardrobe to no more than two shirts, two skirt and ONE pair of pants.
  3. Pillows (caves) - I starting this by building her a little cave with pillow between our sofa and ottoman, now she loves gathering pillows from all over the house to make herself caves or cover up Mommy (great way to get a nap in during play time, by the way, I was once buried for like 20 minutes).
  4. Cat Toys - My sister sent her unloved cat toys for my kittens to play with.  This self-propelled ball both fascinated and frightened them.  Chiquita just discovered it and LOVES it.  Since hide-and-seek is her favorite game then the fact that this ball obediently rolls away to hide is a definitely plus.
  5. Flowers - My darling girl has branched out from dandelions and we now have cups all over the house of whatever flowers she manages to collect.


  1. We have that self-propelled ball, too, and Kay loves it. They should market it to children as well!

  2. Gee our cats seem to think my daughter's toys are meant for them. Some great ideas here! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  3. Oh my gosh- good to know it's not just my little one who looooves pet toys - he could be surrounded by a million of his own toys but if the dog leaves one around he just gravitates toward it... I guess it's the allure of the forbidden! Ha!