Thursday, May 2, 2013

Discovery Park - Pleasant Grove Utah

It's been a while since we've been to a new and different playground!  Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove, Utah is pretty unique!  It a huge play place made mostly of wood with lots of educational opportunities and customized to this community.

There was a space for children 5 to 12 with a volcano, space rocket, rumble bridge and lots of slides.  They had very cool sympathy swings - the two swings were attached to a bar that was then attached to the main swing structure.  The result is that when two people swing they will end up in unision.  There was a fun echo box that Chiquita really liked.

The tot area for kids 2 to 5 also had really unique fun things.  They had little beehives (Utah's state insect) with tiny chairs inside, one for the queen bee, one for the worker bees and one for the honeycomb.

There were lots of winding stairs through the playground leading kids to explore!  One area had little physics experiments like bending mirrors, sound discs and a color blending wheel.  There was a sort of a xylophone complete with instructions for playing well known songs like "Twinkle Twinkle".  Chiquita loved it!

This park has definitely seen some use, though everything seemed very safe and sturdy.  There is graffiti (thankfully we live in the kind of community where the worst I saw was "poop").
 You definitely want to use the bathroom before you go because the park bathroom was nasty.

Most importantly to me, you really need to monitor anyone younger than 5 because ALL of the slides, even in the tot area end a foot or more above the ground.  If I hadn't caught Chiquita she could have ended up very unhappy.

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