Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Christmas Trees

We need more Christmas crafts!  Chiquitita painted a paper plate with green colored glue (just add a little washable paint to elmer's) and then shook green glitter all over it.

We watched a Christmas special while it dried.  Then Mommy cut it into 3 unequal parts and stapled them into cones.  Really staples are awesome.  I tried glue and tape and they don't work very well.

We had lots of spangled left over from our last tree so we glued them on and a pom-pom on top for the star!  Chiquita really worked on her fine motor skills putting the spangles on.  I would put a dot of glue for her and then she attempted to stick the little spangle to it.  She soon found out it was easiest to get the spangle to stick to her finger and press it on.  The pincer grip wasn't very helpful.

I cleared off a space on her shelf to display them. I added her Paul Frank December monkey from a Happy Meal just for fun.  I think we might keep this as a space to display some of her 3-D crafts.  Her others go on the wall with hooks and paper fasteners, and the fridge and in a drawer after that.  I'm going to have to get less sentimental about her crafts if we're going to keep making so many.

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  1. Those Christmas trees are so fun! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!