Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spooky Family Night at the Farm

As I've  said before Chiquitita LOVES Farm County at Thanksgiving Point.  Since I got a annual pass we go all the time.

Last week we went in time for Family Fun night on Monday night.  I was glad to find out it started at 5 pm, early enough for us.

Besides the regular Farm County fun they had a spooky scavenger hunt for older kids, Halloween theme treats and a witches hat to color & wear.

I loved the idea of the scavenger hunt.  Ingredients for a witches brew, like snake's teeth (rice) and bat's fur (dryer lint), were hung up all over the farm.  Kids had to collect one of each ingredient & add them in the right order to the cauldron in order to get a treat.

Chiquitita is still a little young for that so we just made the hat.  It was simple but ingenious, a witch's hat printed on card stock and a long strip of card stock.  By cutting out the hat and stapling the strip to it in a circle it becomes a hat kids can wear!   It's easy to adjust the size to any kids head. I feel a little silly to admit this but I wouldn't have thought of this simple way to make a hat on my own.

Chiquita loved using the markers since we don't have them at home (at least that's what I keep telling her).  I had fun too!  I used the paper off the foam stickers as stencils to make ghosts & skulls on the headband.

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