Sunday, September 9, 2012

Busy Bee

Update!  This Busy Bee can now be found for sale on my etsy site as well as a wrist rattle version!

I needed to keep my hands busy today since I am recommitting to my diet, so it was crochet time!  Chiquita has been very enthusiastic about bees lately so when I saw this cute pattern from Curioser and Curiouser I knew she would love it.

I was right.  I couldn't get a great photo because she wouldn't put it down.  To make it even better, it took me less than one episode of Dora to finish it.

I made it a little smaller, but the only thing I really changed were the wings which I made ovals rather than circles.  To make these wings:

Chain 4

Row 1: sc in the 2nd stitch from the hook, sc in next chain, 3 sc in last chain to come around in a circle and sc in the other side of the next chain, 3 sc in the last chain and close.

Row 2: chain one, sc in the same sc, sc in next 2 sc, 3 sc in the next sc (will be the middle of where you did 3 sc in the same chain on Row 1), sc in the next 2 sc, 3 sc in the next sc, sc join.

Row 3: chain one, sc in the same sc, sc in next 3 sc, 3 sc in the next sc, sc in the next 3 sc, 3 sc in the next sc, sc in the next 2 sc join.

You do as many rows as you want for the size wings you want just following the same growing pattern.

Also I added a little shaker in it so it actually buzzes.  I save the little plastic things toys come in the gumball machines and add a little rice to make the shaker.  They stay closed without glue and make plenty of noise!  I don't recommend easter eggs unless they really stay shut well, I've had them break and open up too much.


  1. Gorgeous! Makes me want to learn to crochet!

  2. So very pretty…

    Thank you for joining the Made with Love ~ Sept *smiles*

    Hope to see you joining in with more ‘me time’ in Oct…