Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alpine Wildfire

Chiquita and I were playing at Artic Circle when a friend called and said a wildfire had started near our home.  At first I wasn't worried but when I realized the fire was only a mile from our house and then my husband didn't answer his phone I started to panic.  I rushed home and packed the car in case of evacuation. 

As time went on and hubby came home it became apparent that our neighborhood was not in immediate danger.

My concern over our house and possessions was minimal.  All material things can be replaced and most of our photos and memories are digital.  However the panic of not knowing where a loved one was is like nothing I have experienced.  I think we did a good job getting important things ready, but we'll definitely be talking about preparedness more. 

If you want to get you family more prepared you can visit www.bereadyutah.gov or www.redcross.org.

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