Friday, May 4, 2012

Chick-a-fil-A by South Towne Mall in Sandy

We've been here a few times to eat and play. Chiquita made it up the crawling tube for the first time today (with a little help).

Better food than most fast food.
Excellent service - they'll get refills for you, bring a plastic placemat that sticks to the table for your little one. 
They have coloring crayons and complimentary cheerios.
The play area is glassed in separate from the eating area (read: sound proof!).
They have a fun little ground level treehouse for under 3 yr olds that is even crawler friendly.
I just learned today that balloons are available for the asking!

The play area just has a few benches to sit on for parents & no food allowed. 
Play area smells weird.
A little pricier than other fast food, but not that much.

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