Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter and Christmas Counting Correlation

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This Halloween math game from the Educator's Spin on It was a favorite activities of mine this fall.  It took about a minute to draw/set up and it taught not just counting but the concept of quantity.  I'm going to try and be more purposeful about teaching math to Chiquita because I see so many kids and adults that just don't get math concepts at all.

So since spiders and googly eyes are kind of over, I made a couple new versions of this game for this season.

First I used snowflake buttons for a winter theme.  I divided the page in 6 parts and wrote numbers 1 thru 6 in the corner of each box.  I made dashed lines and a circle for each snowflake corresponding with the number in that box.

Then I made a Christmas one with Christmas trees in each box and circles corresponding to each number for her to put spangles like tree decorations.

This activity can be done together - I think Chiquita got the counting aspect better when we did it together - or by themselves.

When Chiquita did it by herself she still got the fine motor practice of putting each snowflake or spangle in it's place, but she didn't necessarily do them in number order.  I found with the spangles she also decided to color sort them on the trees, an application I hadn't thought about at all!  With any learning activity that I let Chiquita take control of she'll find ways to play and learn that I didn't expect!

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  1. Looks like a fun way to enforce counting.Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!