Monday, November 25, 2013

Inspired by you

I've decided to make this a regular series, just highlighting  a bunch of things we've tried from other bloggers every so often.  There's a lot of great ideas out there!

Egg carton owls, from Life with Moore Babies.  We didn't have any feathers so we skipped that part.  Also I used the other half of the top as a belly, mainly because our egg carton seemed to be shaped different and I don't think the eye portion would have glued on very well without the belly under the beak.

Paper Bag Turkeys from No Time for Flashcards.  Two-sided tape definitely should be on my shopping list because we had to use glue.  We used a glue stick for the feathers so they were ready right away, but the google eyes needed elmer's glue and we had to wait for them to dry. 

Dyed Pumpkin Seeds from Sugar Aunts.  I made up another batch of pumpkin soup and decided to try dying the pumpkin seeds like they did here.  It was hard to wait so long (at least 24 hours) for them to dry after the almost instant results with rainbow rice, but they were pretty cool.  We did a little color sorting, though Chiquita didn't have tons of patience with it.  Then we tried making a rainbow.  Chiquita was very excited with the idea, but once again, impatient with the process.  We left it and when Daddy came home they finished it "together" (aka she directed him where to put the seeds).  I think it was a relaxing activity for Daddy!