Friday, April 26, 2013


Today we had our first real chance to play with sidewalk chalk. Last year Chiquita didn't really get it.  I am happy it's been warm enough most of this week to have lots of outside play!

She'd seen Ruby hopscotch on Max and Ruby so she was interested in learning. I drew her a simple 6 square hopscotch and just had her hop from number to number. We can throw rocks next time.

Then we experimented with how the chalk draws on wet cement (we'd just been watering plants).  I didn't try to teach to much, just let her notice the difference.

I know this isn't an original or very informative post, it was just fun, so I thought I'd share!


  1. This is lovely! Simple, basic, and fun! We are featuring your post on Sugar Aunts tomorrow on Share It Saturday. We have a collection from the linky called Back To the Basics: simple and fun play for kids. We think this post is perfect for the collection. Stop by and visit our FB and Twitter pages, we'll be sharing with our followers there too :)

    See you again on Share It Saturday!
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  2. So fun!! We draw hopscotch all the time outside, but we haven't graduated to using rocks yet. My daughter loves to label the squares with all sorts of things though--letters, shapes, etc. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!