Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Pre-Writing Exercise

We tried a pre-writing exercise for the first time today.  Chiquita is just over 2 yrs old so it might be a little early but I was curious to see how she would do with it.

We started with a worksheet showing baby animals finding their mommies since (thanks to Nick Jr.) that is Chiquita's favorite topic.  I found it on pinterest but it was originally from www.preschoollearners.com, they have tons of free printables.

I helped with the first two.  She did the 3rd along and didn't totally get what she was supposed to do, but she got the idea by the last one!  I wasn't really expecting her to follow the bumps so a straight line was great.

We did a few more pages from the great Nativity pack for toddlers we found on 3 Dinosaurs.  She did pretty well but quickly lost interest in drawing lines after two pages and just wanted to color.  I don't blame her!

Overall a success!  I will definitely start doing more activities like this with her.  Starting in January I also think we're going to start having a letter of the day for Spanish for Preschoolers.  Go literacy!

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