Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paper plate masks

Today at Spanish For Preschoolers we made masks and learned about animals! I made up these paper plate masks in about 15 minutes the morning before class.  I think I'm getting back into my little kid activity groove (I was an awesome babysitter).

Here's our elefante:
  • Color three paper plates grey
  • Take one paper plate & cut out eye holes
  • Take another paper plate and cut it in half for ears
  • Cut a third paper plate in half and cut off the bumpy outside semicircle for a trunk (see photo)
  • Assemble! Use glue or if you need more immediate results a stapler to attach the ears to either side and the trunk in the middle.
  • - Punch holes and tie a string to each side to tie the mask on.

The pico (beak) is even easier:
- Color one paper plate yellow.
- Cut two slices out of the paper plates (fourths for a big beak, smaller for narrower beaks)
- Punch holes on each side of the two triangles.
- Tie together two triangles, leaving enough string to tie it to you head.  Works best with top beak over the nose

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