Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paper bag piñatas

We're having a party this week at Spanish for Preschoolers so I thought we should have some piñatas.  Browsing the net I found this tutorial to make paper bag piñatas on dltk's website.  How perfect!  We have kids from 2 yrs to 5 yrs so a simple crafts like this is perfect.

I decided to make one adjustment though and make them piñatas that can be opened by pulling on strings rather than whacking with a stick.  3 yr olds with sticks can be very dangerous and ineffective.

I gathered all my supplies: paper bags, hole punch (we used a heart shaped one just for fun), tissue paper, glue and yarn.

Then my little one and I punched three holes in the top (with it folded that gives  you 10 holes) this is to close your piñata after you put treats in it.

Then we punched 12 holes all around the bottom (she had to use both hands) so that when you open it up each punch will be two holes near each other, one on the bottom of the bag and one on the side.  See the pictures for a better idea.  You can tie the strings on now or after decorating.

I decorated it like suggested on the other instructions, with tissue paper fringe, but you could also have the kids color the bag, use stickers or whatever they want.  I'm planning on giving the kids options at the party since some use scissors and some don't yet.  Chiquitita tried to help cutting the fringe but she didn't have a lot of patience with the scissors and only made like 5 cuts before getting bored.

Then you fill it with small toys and treats and thread yarn through the holes in the top to draw it closed!  If you haven't already tied the strings through the holes in the bottom, do it now and just let a good length of yarn hang down, maybe a foot or so.  My little one demonstrates pulling the strings to break open the bottom of the piñata with an undecorated one.  We had to pull all the strings before it opened, but I only had 8 strings on that version, I think an extra 4 holes will make it easier.  Since we'll be opening around 10 piñatas we don't want it to take too long.

This would be a great craft for any age party or school activity.  Have fun!

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