Monday, March 31, 2014

Health Explorium: DIY Recreate

Chiquita and I had a chance to check our Intermountain Health Care's new instacare and specialty clinic and learn a little about our bodies at their Explorium, a carnival style event.  They had lots of games to get kids (and adults) moving and learning about their body, not to mention sweet swag and yummy treats.

I got thinking how much fun it would be to recreate an event like this, any age would love it.  So here's a round up of activities based on some of those we did today:

Fitness Dice: Talk about why exercise is important and get bodies moving with these DIY giant dice from Growing a Jeweled Rose or buy an already made set.

Giant Operation Table:  You could play the classic game, orA  if you're motivated make your own.

Inflatable Lungs: The Explorium had huge inflatable lungs you could stand in, but you could make a cool homemade model lung from recyclables that really demonstrates how the human lungs and diaphragm work!  There's a fancier store-bought version too of course.

Whack a Snack:  Again, at the event they had an actual arcade style game. At home you could check out this free online game of Whack-a-Snack (available in Spanish too!) from Nourish Interactive and talk about healthy eating.

Skin Safe Photo Booth:  This might be the easiest to recreate.  Participants dress up in funny sunglasses and silly hats.  You can have a chat about why wearing these protect our skin from the sun.

Water Bottle Ring Toss: They had 4 foot tall water bottle cardboard cut-outs and hula hoops for rings.  You could make a miniature version with real water bottles and paper plate rings.  A great reminder that we need to drink lots of water to stay healthy.

A yummy fresh-fruit Yogurt Parfait (like we ate) is a perfect way to end this "Body Tour".

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