Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Toddler Craft to Welcome Baby

We've been doing a lot of get Chiquita ready for baby brother to come, from reading books about new babies, to watching birth videos on youtube (she was surprisingly non-plussed).  We've been making other preparations, of course, getting his room ready and organizing his closet.

To combine efforts I decided Chiquita could help me make some decor for baby's room.  The main theme of his nursery is the sky, both night and day.  I picked up a big bunch of night sky craft foam shapes at a yard sale this summer.  I know we'd use it sometime, and this was perfect.  I just punched two holes in each piece for her to thread the yarn through.  I couldn't find my plastic yarn needle, but my favorite trick to make threading easier is to just wrap a piece of duct tape around the end of the yarn to create a kind of needle.

She had a lot of fun doing it and talking about how much baby brother was going to like it.  I tried to encourage her to create a pattern, but she was more excited about the blue stars than the others so it took a little convincing to get her to vary colors and stars and crescent moons.

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  1. What a sweet idea! Decorating the baby's space would be great for our next little one. Thanks and congrats on the baby to come!