Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Inspired By You! Memory Hunt

I was hoping BB (baby boy) would be born on New Year's Eve (no such luck) and I am VERY tired, so we didn't plan much celebration, but when I saw this fun New Year's Memory Scavenger Hunt from No Time For Flashcards I knew I wanted to at least do that, since we had so much fun with the memory matching game we got from her at the end of 2012.

I quickly picked out twelve photos from the past year, trying to find ones that might recall time-specific memories, and sent them to a one-hour photo (I love that I can upload photos and have them printed so quickly and cheaply). 

After I picked them up (and some unnecessarily holiday clearance items), I glued them to construction paper, just like Allison, but instead of months (way too advanced for us) I just numbered them 1 through 12, as we are working on number recognition.  I was really excited about doing some sort of ordering regardless as Chiquita is expressing interested in when things happen but still very confused about times, days and seasons.  Things either happened yesterday or last year.

She loved the hunt aspect!!  I hid them all in one room and it still took her a little to find them all, but not so long that she got distracted.  As she found each one she was so excited to see herself and remember what we did!  There were only one or two that she didn't remember where we were or what we were doing.

As expected, she didn't have any idea which things happened at the beginning of the year or the end, but we looked at the numbers and she recognized 1 through 4 easily, the others with some help.  After all the pictures were in order we talked about them in order of what happened next!

I am definitely planning on laminating these for future play.

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  1. What a great activity!! Pinned to try it later. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!